I Luv Dogs!!!

•November 16, 2008 • 2 Comments

Was browsing through the pics I had taken so far since the time got my cell[Sony Ericsson K550i Cybershot], and I stumbled upon this- I have a general liking for dogs!! ( n bitches of course!! 🙂 ). SO this post here is dedicated to all those of you who own/like the most faithful breed of beings on the planet.

well, here are those K9s…
That’s my friend Safir with his pet – WILD DOG!! Yup, that’s what he’s named this poor lil thing.. And interestingly, wildy(nick name 🙂 ) heeds to his owner’s call, eager to get something to chew upon and take a lazy nap…

Well, here is someone i met on the road, taking a walk with her owner. Aged three, she is quite an uneasy in the chains and was showing her dislike by runnin n jumpin around her owner!!
somebody tell me her breed!

And now, Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present, Kuttu

Well, Kuttu here is my friend Rakesh’s(he runs a bakery at Mannuthy, Thrissur) Rottweiler. Kuttu is just 6 months old when I took this pic. Though beastly, he is quite playful but make a mental note not to get anywhere near him… His daily diet:?
Morning: A litre milk + chicken.
Lunch: Pedigree biscuits( don’t remember the count!) + Milk(a litre again!) + Protein tonic
Dinner: More milk, more pedigree and more chicken!!( or beef!!)

last in the list, and the best, is my dear Puppy.. She is our pet dog. Six years old as of August, ’08.. Breed: Pomeranian. No words to describe her love and affection. As my dad says” Puppy comes to me at my first call, where as you people(me and bro) don’t! ” One thing that she hates-Lightning…
and while I was writing this, here is a website that I stumbled upon:
dogsindia, a site all about dogs, breeders and A-Z of dogs..

and finally, I dedicate this post to Tippu, my Pomernian and Puppy’s play-mate, which died last year, of anemia and medicine overdose


Lost Dreams…

•September 6, 2008 • 4 Comments

The outcome was expected. He had to make his choice. Two paths. Alike and akin they lay, for the man in him to make the choice. End was never a question, for when the brave set forth, they live today as there is no tomorrow.
Shadows loom overhead, of the predicted evil, seeking vengeance for a crime that was long forgotten. Reprimanding for what had already been sought for cleansing, the man in him lay shaken on the wet floor. The wind carried with it her odor, revoking memories of the days gone, reminding him of the beauty whom he sought for two long years.
At the village opera, on a beautiful moon laden autumn eve, made he the glance at her, glance that changed his life forever. It was not her beauty, it was not her elegance, it was the aura of divinity in her which made best of the men bow their heads in unison as she passed by. The shine in her eyes, the shine that could lighten up the dark sky on a winter night, shan’t be his. The smile, the smile that brought dimples of godly perfection, on her soft cheeks, shall always remind his lost treasure, that was her. Agreeing humbly to the will of god, admiring the Almighty’s strength and dominance, accepting what he preached, for his creations to follow, was not something he had always done. Set to mark out his trails as footprints in the history of world, he had found his lost passion in her. She bound him to his destiny, and the desperation triggered him to accomplish his mission in earnest, for he thought she awaited, at the gates, for her beloved. But to her, Beloved, he was not!
Crest-fallen he remained, amber in him obliterated, moving from place to place without purpose, joy detached from mind and soul.
Rays of hope haven’t left the partner they found in him, and they remain. Hence he lives, waiting for yet another golden moment, when he shall, added the strength of true love, seek out her hand, to be his companion,for the eternal binding called life…

Google Chrome Launched?! For Linux?

•September 3, 2008 • 2 Comments

Google launched Google Chrome, the new face of Browsers, Today. Adhering to their policies of keeping the most powerful tools look the simplest( eg: Google.com). I downloaded it today evening. And yup, must say, its good!

Google Chrome has a new look with no menu bars on top. All the options condensed to two icons on the top right corner. Chrome has provisions for multiple tabs in the same window, similar to Opera or Mozilla Firefox, but the striking feature is the incognito window- a window that leaves no trace of cookies or history on your system of the sites that you visited. A hitch, however, that I found was that there is no facility for a master password in it. That is, I could see all the saved passwords on my personal computer without any trouble. I guess that was probably because I was logged in as Admin. Anyways its kinda creepy!

The simplicity of appearance and easiness to use is what I felt to be the most adoring aspect of Chrome. Ctrl+T opens new Tab and Ctrl+Shift+N opens the incognito window!

All in all, , Firefox and IE is in for a tough competition with the coming of Chrome,that comes from the workshops of Google, a trusted giant in the Industry!

Click here to download the Windows version here. Linux and Mac Os versions are still under construction! 🙂

To read on Acid test results of other browsers click here

Insignia ’08, Hackerdom

•August 31, 2008 • 12 Comments

…And thus began Insignia ’08, Hackerdom.

Day: 28th of August, 2008
Time: 10.45 p.m
Location: Room No. C1, Govt. Engineering College Men’s Hostel, Thrissur

The work on video editing progresses as the darker hours of night close in. Midhun, eyes swollen with lack of sleep, continues into what seems to be his eleventh straight hour in front of the system. Sailesh, assisting and intermittently performing the job of waking him up from brief accidental siesta, looked as alert and enthu-filled as ever. The job was getting on my nerves. It was our fourth day with the process of preparing a trailer video for Insignia 08, Hackerdom, yet it was where we had left it last evening. The mixing was taking helluva lot time, what with the format conversion of video files, cutting out clips for back ground music etc.

It was 1a.m. The video files and picture slides have been successfully blended in. BGM yet to be added. Midhun on the verge of calling it a day or calling it quit, three others and me peacefully sleeping at one corner of the room, satisfied that our job of filming scenes for the video was completed in time. Krishnanunni, Convenor, Insignia 08, Hackerdom, walks in to view our progress. Anxiety was evident on his face, as he enquired the sleepy workers about the status.
Seeing that there needs to be another two or three hours of work needed on the video to get it completely done, manipulations happen ( :P) , an offer of Puttu and Kadala from Double-X the only hotel open at night in Thrissur. We ( the words Puttu and Kadala woke me up from the slumber instantaneously!) agreed and a half hour later, there it was, steaming hot Puttu and Kadala. Another two hours and lights off….

around 6.45 a.m, 29th.
I was the first one to rise( quite an unusual thing). Woke up the editors and mixers and blah blah and went about my chores. Two hours of sleep taking its toll, as they moved like zombies to begin where it had been halted.

10.45a.m, Seminar Hall, Govt. Engineering College
The Chief guest and other people presiding over the function- Curtain Raiser of Insignia 08, Hackerdom seated on the podium. The official welcome speech, followed by all the other speeches..

Time to launch the theme music for the event, prepared by Jain. That was some music! A melodious mix of keyboard, saxo and drums, and many more that I couldn’t comprehend.
Our video followed. Cheers from crowd….

Scene5 re-take:
Time to launch the theme music for the event prepared by Jain. Wait! what’s happening? a sudden commotion in the rear end of the hall, and there drifts out a large mass of third years.
Reason: Results of Third semester exams announced. Memories drift back to last March-April, the time when we wrote it. Adam’s Apple stuck half-way in my throat. The results couldn’t have come at a better time than this. Tense faces all around. People scurrying around, searching for internet access. Dubious emotions settling around temples. Eyes glittering, water in them ready to pour out given the green signal…

I hate results!!

My Toolbar

•August 25, 2008 • 2 Comments

I had been going through some of the blog add-ons available online that could be added to my site, when I stumbled on ourtoolbar.com. This site provides a platform to create your own toolbar for friends n readers who can get access to your favorite sites and keep track of changes to their inbox, and many other features. I created a toolbar for my blog.

Do download it and install for your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser. Post your opinion and recommendations for further features that I can add on to this.

Comment if you wish your blog/site URL to be added in the RSS feeds.

Buzzing off

Living it out

•August 22, 2008 • 6 Comments

Uncertain…. the feeling is that between total exasperation and hope. Realising that one’s potential may or may not come in handy to tackle the situation at hand. Given the choice, I shall rather give the job of decision making to an Expert than myself.

Joy…. can’t see the reason why I am writing this. Joyous for a reason. Can’t help myself, for the position I’m in – perplexed with anxiety.

Advices flowing in, can’t drink any.
Choices lay themselves in view, can’t see any.
I go the way my heart leadth.
Its a blindfold. And I shall Unveil it.

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Sushil Kumar: India Clinches Bronze

•August 20, 2008 • 1 Comment
Another proud moment in the Olympics as India’s Sushil Kumar wins the bronze medal in Olympics. The event was 66kg free style wrestling and the stakes were high. The youtube video is available.